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A global developer of mar-tech and ad-tech innovative technologies

Company Overview

Viewbix Inc. (OTC: VBIX), through its subsidiaries Gix Media Ltd. and Cortex Media Group Ltd., operates in the field of digital advertising (together, the “Group”). The Group has two main activities: ad-search and digital content. The search platform develops a variety of technological software solutions, that automate, optimize and monetize online campaigns, by acquiring and routing internet user traffic to search engines . The digital content platform creates, edits and markets content in various languages to various target audiences in order to generate revenues from advertisements displayed together with the content, which are posted numerous digital content, marketing and advertising platforms (such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Apple), in order to attract internet user traffic for advertisers. Viewbix’s technological tools allow advertisers and website owners to earn more from their advertising campaigns and generate additional profits from their websites.

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Facts and Figures

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Owned by Medigus’ subsidiary Gix Internet (42.25% owned by Medigus)
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2022 Revenues
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