Our Companies

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Viewbix Inc. (OTC: VBIX), through its subsidiaries Gix Media Ltd. and Cortex Media Group Ltd., operates in the field of digital advertising (together, the “Group”).
Jeffs’ Brands (Nasdaq: JFBR) is transforming the world of e-commerce by creating and acquiring products and turning them into market leaders, tapping into vast, unrealized
Eventer is a smart ticketing platform, enabling producers and venues to create events, manage ticket operations and boost ticket sales, all in one efficient and
Charging Robotics (OTC: FDOC) is a technological hub for wireless charging technologies for electrical vehicles. The company’s solutions include: An automatic wireless robotic charging system
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Revoltz is a joint venture between Xylo Technologies, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Charging Robotics Ltd., and Amir Zaid and Weijian Zhou, the founders of
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Parazero’s (Nasdaq: PRZO) technology is the “The Airbag of the Sky”- Parazero develops and manufactures world’s leading parachute safety system for drones. The company was
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Polyrizon is a clinical development biotech company specializing in the development of innovative nasal gels to provide preventative treatment against a wide range of biological