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Newscat: 2021

Polyrizon to Test its Product Candidate for Protection Against the Highly Transmissible Corona Virus Omicron Variant
In recent pre-clinical studies, Polyrizon products demonstrated a great potential in preventing human coronavirus 229E and Influenza Virus H1N1
Medigus Filed a $3 Million Buyback Program
increasing the contemplated program from $2 million to $3 million
Medigus: Jeffs’ Brands Submitted Confidential Draft Registration Statement for Proposed U.S. Initial Public Offering
Medigus: Eventer and Safee Will Enable Artists and Producers to Create and Sell NFTs
Eventer will enable its customers to originate, monetize and sell digital assets through Safee's NFT-based social network platform
Medigus Enters NFT Space with a First Investment in Blockchain Company Safee
Medigus to invest $400,000 in Safee, an NFT-based ownership social network aiming to bring its unique technology to mass market creators and audiences
Medigus Ltd. announced today its financial results for the first six months ended June 30, 2021.
Medigus: Revoltz commenced prototype manufacturing of its micro-mobility vehicle
Revoltz Model One is a micro-mobility vehicle for last mile and food delivery.
Medigus: Jeffs’ Brands Ltd.
signed a Non-binding Loi to Acquire a Leading Consumer Products Brand Company
Medigus: Charging Robotics Successfully Completes a Proof of Concept
for its Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Robot
Medigus Board of Directors
decides to Promote a $2 Million Buyback Program
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