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Newscat: 2019

Intellisense Solutions Inc. Secures $3.5 Million Investment
ahead of Medigus Ltd. Share Exchange Agreement
Medigus and Intellisense Solutions Agree to Securities Exchange
effecting a Merger of Scoutcam
Medigus Sold Micro Cameras to Two Leading Defense Organizations
Medigus Announced Commercial Sale of the Scoutcam Micro Video Cameras
to a Global Nuclear Reactors Group
Medigus Receives First Substantial Commercial Order
for its Integrated Visualization Device
Medigus to Invest $5 Million
in Algomizer Group
Medigus Reports $1.1 Million Order Backlog
for its Micro-camera Business
Medigus Signs a Licensing and Sale Agreement for the Muse™ in Greater China for $3 Million
the Company is Acting to Further Commercialize and Engage in Additional Similar Muse™ Licensing and Sale Agreements in Additional Territories
Medigus Received European Patent Notice Allowance
for Scoutcam Irrigation System Technology
Medigus Completes Patient Enrolment of its First Multi-center Muse™ Clinical Study in China
as Part of the Cfda Clearance Process
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