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Medigus to Invest in a Deep Energy Tech Company

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies, and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that it has signed an agreement to invest in ABI Energy Ltd. (ABI), a deep-tech company developing cutting-edge devices that optimize fluid transportation to improve the global water, oil, and gas pipeline transportation infrastructure. Following this recent investment, Medigus will hold approx. 19.17%.

ABI, which will soon be rebranded as Laminera, technology-driven solutions are designed to improve and optimize existing pipeline transportation infrastructure by reducing energy and maintenance costs while enhancing flow capacity.

ABI’s energy efficiency technology is unique in its ability to suppress turbulence by continuously generating low-frequency pressure waves, which achieves minimal hydrodynamic resistance for the fluid transport process. As a result, friction losses within the pipeline are reduced. The goal of ABI’s products is to reduce pump energy consumption by up to 25% in the water, oil, and gas industries.

Medigus is the lead investor in an up to $1.4 million investment round in ABI Energy. Medigus invested $300,000 in ABI Energy and will issue $400,000 worth of its American Depositary Shares to ABI.