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Jeffs’ Brands Entered Into Non-Binding Letter of Intent with SuperBuzz for Developing AI-Based Software for Amazon’s Advertisement Platform

Tel Aviv, Israel, Feb. 23, 2023  — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS) (“Medigus”), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle (“EV”) and charging solutions, announced today that Jeffs’ Brands Ltd. (“Jeffs’ Brands”) (owned 35.94% by Medigus) a data-driven E-commerce company operating on the Amazon Marketplace, has entered into a non-binding letter of Intent (the “LOI”) to collaborate with SuperBuzz Inc. (“SuperBuzz”), an artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in marketing technology.

Pursuant to the LOI, subject to the entry into one or more definitive agreements by the parties, Jeffs’ Brands and SuperBuzz will collaborate on a joint project to create software for Amazon’s advertisement platform (“Amazon”), based on AI technologies, designed specifically for Jeffs’ Brands’ stores and brands, as well as opening a new line of service for marketing campaigns. Jeffs’ Brands will allow SuperBuzz access to its Amazon platforms and brands, while SuperBuzz will provide Jeffs’ Brands with a limited license to use its AI technologies. The collaboration is expected to yield improved targeting, maximize campaigns and increase exposure and sales.


Also pursuant to the LOI and subject to entry into a definitive agreement, Jeffs’ Brands will have the option to invest up to $2 million (in cash or its ordinary shares) in SuperBuzz, at its sole discretion, for a period of 90 days following the execution of a definitive agreement.

Viki Hakmon, Chief Executive Officer of Jeffs’ Brands, said “We are excited to be partnering with SuperBuzz to take our marketing efforts on Amazon to the next level. With their AI-powered marketing solutions and our data-driven approach, we believe we can deliver more effective campaigns and better results for our brands using a designated mutual software.”

SuperBuzz is an artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in marketing technology. SuperBuzz’s SaaS platform applies natural language processing to automate content creation and drive traffic. The SuperBuzz algorithm was designed by a group of machine learning pioneers committed to improving online marketing. Marketers use SuperBuzz to harness the power of AI and create eye-grabbing content.

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