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Charging Robotics to Install its Wireless EV Charging System with a Leading Automatic Carpark Provider

Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug. 04, 2023 – Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in electric vehicle charging solutions, advanced medical solutions and innovative internet technologies, today announced that Charging Robotics Ltd., a subsidiary of Fuel Doctor Holdings, Inc., (“FDOC”) a Delaware corporation listed on the OTC Market (67.15% owned by Medigus), received a Letter of Intent from an automatic car park provider in Israel to evaluate Charging Robotic’s wireless charging system for electric vehicles.

The wireless charging system is set to answer the unmet need of charging electric vehicles in automatic car parks. Automatic car parks are gaining popularity as they offer an ultra-efficient solution to park cars, while reducing expensive real estate costs. However, since these are “unmanned facilities, there is no way for the driver to connect a charging cable to the vehicle. This is a major concern, particularly in areas where electric vehicles are common, and automatic car park providers are constantly looking for technological solutions to meet growing demand.


Besides enabling EV charging in automatic car parks, the system has numerous advantages, including: (i) Seamless Integration: the wireless charging system will be seamlessly integrated into the automatic car park infrastructure, requiring minimal modifications to the existing layout. This ensures a minimum installation process while maximizing parking capacity; (ii) Convenient Charging Experience: drivers will start the system using a dedicated smart phone application, which will also notify the driver about the charging process; and (iii) Scalability and Adaptability: the system’s modular design enables easy scalability, allowing the parking lot operator to increase the number of chargers in the facility based on the number of electric vehicles. The system will be able to charge all electric vehicles at efficiencies of >93% which is outstanding for wireless charging systems.

About Charging Robotics

Charging Robotics develops various automatic wireless charging solutions such as robotic and stationary charging systems for electric vehicles. Once parked, the driver will start the charging process by use of a simple smartphone app and an autonomous robot will navigate under the vehicle and automatically charge it.

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