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Medigus: Smart Repair Pro Expands its Presence

OMER, Israel, Feb. 09, 2021 – Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq:MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions and innovative internet technologies, today announced that Smart Repair Pro, Inc., (its 50.1% owned subsidiary) a data-driven e-commerce company operating on the Amazon Marketplace, signed agreements to purchase assets of two brands operating on Amazon Marketplace. The closing of the purchase agreements is subject to customary closing conditions, including an inspection of the assets.

As part of the agreement, the sellers will sell, assign, transfer, convey and deliver the right, title and interest in each of the brands to Smart Repair Pro, which will pay US $700,000 for the two brands.

Smart Repair Pro’s utilizes its vast knowledge and unique technology to purchase existing brands and stores and turn them around, in terms of marketing, ratings and sales. Smart Repair Pro and Purex Corp., Medigus’ other majority owned subsidiary, currently manage three successful brands on the Amazon Marketplace, offering a variety of products. The companies operate in number of marketplaces, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and leading countries in Europe.

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