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Medigus Announced Commercial Sale of the Scoutcam Micro Video Cameras

OMER, Israel, July 18, 2019 – Medigus Ltd. (NASDAQ:MDGS) (TASE:MDGS), a technology company developing minimally invasive tools and an innovator in direct visualization technology, today announced that ScoutCam, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, completed its commercial sale of micro video camera based systems to a leading global group engaged in the nuclear reactors sector.

This sale follows the company’s recent announcement about its intention to expand commercialization of its micro video camera to additional sectors beyond the medical market.

ScoutCam is also negotiating the sale of its cameras to several additional key players from the nuclear reactors sector. To the best of the company knowledge, ScoutCam’s systems will be utilized at the core of the nuclear reactors, enabling the operators to possess better command and control over the reactors without the need for disabling them.

ScoutCam’s portfolio of micro video cameras includes both the micro ScoutCam™ 1.2 considered the world’s smallest video camera – and ScoutCam™ 8.0 HD. ScoutCam’s technology features optic and illumination solutions, micro sensors and high-end DSP video processors that can be tailored for both medical and industrial applications. ScoutCam 8.0 HD was selected by NASA to be incorporated into NASA’s Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot 2 (VIPIR2). VIPIR2, a robotic, multi-capability inspection tool being used as part of NASA’s Robotic Refueling Mission 3 (RRM3), was launched into space in December 2018.

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