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Medigus: Jeffs’ Brands to Expand Sales Beyond into New Leading E-commerce Platforms
Medigus Announces Plan to Implement ADS Ratio Change
Medigus: Jeffs’ Brands entered into Non-Binding Letter of Intent to Acquire an Amazon Marketplace Leading Supplements Brand with Annualized Revenues of Approximately $2.7 million in 2022
Medigus: ScoutCam Announces Appointment of Yehu Ofer as Chief Executive Officer
Medigus Announces Record 2022 First Half Financial Results
Record Revenues of $34.95 million, up over 1,300% Y-o-Y
Medigus: Polyrizon Submitted an International Patent Application for its Platform Technologies
Medigus Board Files a Motion to Approve an Up to $1.6 Million Dividend Distribution
Medigus: Eventer Achieved Record Revenues increase of 211% Year-Over-Year to Approximately $1.4 Million in The First Half of 2022
Eventer's turnover from tickets sales for the first half of 2022 amounted to approx. $35 million an increase of approx. 307% compared to the first half of 2021
Jeffs’ Brands Ltd. Announces Closing of $15.5 Million Initial Public Offering
As a result of the closing, Medigus now owns 35.27% of Jeffs' Brands
Gix Internet Reports Revenues Increase of 166% Year-over-Year to Approximately $43.4 Million in the First Half of 2022
Medigus' financials results for the first half of 2022 will include, for the first time, the consolidation of Gix Internet‘s financials
Jeffs’ Brands Ltd. Announces Pricing of $15.5 Million Initial Public Offering
Polyrizon Signed an Agreement with Nurexone for Intranasal Administration of Cutting – Edge Therapy for Spinal Cord Injuries
Polyrizon will be entitled for up to $3.35 million in addition to future royalties
ParaZero Signed a Non- Binding MOU to Provide Autonomous Safety Systems for Bon V Heavy Lift Cargo Drones
Eventer Signs Agreements with Two Teams from the Israeli Basketball Premier League and the Israeli National Basketball League
Eventer will leverage its capabilities in the sports sector and intends to expand its outreach to leagues in the US and Europe
ScoutCam Signs a Joint Development Agreement to Equip Aerial Platforms of a Top Global Defense and Aviation Manufacturer with In-Flight Monitoring Solutions
Medigus Announces Receipt of Nasdaq Notice of Bid Price Deficiency
Eventer Achieved Record Revenues increase of 211% Year-Over-Year to Approximately $1.4 Million in The First Half of 2022
Eventer's turnover from tickets sales for the first half of 2022 amounted to approx. $35 million an increase of approx. 307% compared to the first half of 2021
ScoutCam Completes Verification & Validation for Miniature Camera Solution with Fortune 500 Customer
Medigus Announces Record Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Results
Record Revenues of $10.1 million, up 1,805% over 2020, 47% gross margin and 40% net margin, $4 million net income for the full year, up from a net loss of $6.9 million in 2020
Medigus’ ParaZero Signs an Agreement to Develop Custom Safety Solution for a Leading Global Automotive Manufacturer’s Drone Program
Medigus to Invest in a Deep Energy Tech Company
New investment targets improving and optimizing the global water, oil, and gas transportation infrastructure through cutting-edge technology that reduces pump energy requirements
Polyrizon’s PL-15 Found Effective Against Highly Transmissible SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in Cell Culture Assays
The results are consistent with a series of Polyrizon's previous successful tests in human coronavirus 229E and Influenza Virus H1N1
Medigus Announces Final Airworthiness Criteria Published by the FAA
Leading drone company using ParaZero's SafeAirℱ system is heading towards completing final regulatory process of type certification with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Medigus: Gix Internet Reports Over $45 Million in Revenues for 2021
Medigus expects to consolidate Gix Internet’s financial results during 2022
Leading Global Drone Manufacturer Orders Customized SafeAirTM System from Medigus‘ ParaZero Subsidiary
ParaZero’s unique patented technology designed to prevent drone crashes and losses
Medigus Announces Details of Planned Spin-Off and Subsequent Merger of its EV Wireless Charging Business
Charging Robotics signs LOI to complete reverse merger on OTC Markets
Medigus’ Micro Mobility Vehicle JV, Revoltz, Launches Pilot Program at a New Autonomous Supermarket
Medigus: Prof. Nancy Agmon-Levin Joins Polyrizon’s Scientific Advisory Board
Medigus’ JV, Revoltz, Received First Order For Micro Mobility Vehicles From a Global Distributor
In less than a year, Revoltz designed, manufactured, presented and received first order for its first model "Porto," for the last mile delivery market
Medigus Subsidiary, Eventer, Signs Contracts With the Israel Gymnastics Federation and the Table Tennis Associations of Israel
Charging Robotics and Ben-Gurion University to Develop the Next Generation of Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles
Medigus Announces First Authorization For Commercial Drone Deliveries in Brazil
Medigus Enters Psychedelics Market with Investment in Clearmind, a Psychedelic Pharmaceutical Biotech Company
The parties intend to form a joint venture in the food industry, based on Clearmind's unique psychedelics IP
Medigus Invests in Drone Safety Technology Company with Industry Changing Solution
The drone company's patented technology is a unique solution to prevent drone crashes and losses
Medigus Ltd. Interview to Air on Bloomberg U.S. on the RedChip Money ReportÂź
Eventer Technologies Ltd. Submitted Confidential Draft Registration Statement for the Proposed U.S. Initial Public Offering
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